What They Said...

"The Wharton School is at the heart of America's financial service sector, and it is the cradle of next generation 'financialists'. My experience at Wharton is extremely important for me to understand American academia's view about finance and its future. This is especially meaningful amidst the current financial turmoil and sheds light on not only my personal career but also the future of🔸快乐10分玩法说明's financial industry."

--------- Hao Lin (CEIBS MBA 2010)
Exchange Student at The Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania in Fall 2011

"I felt my exchange experiences were particularly rewarding because the international exchange programme gives students – local or international – a chance to experience something completely new and adventurous. Living in a different place, talking to different people, learning a different culture, such experience is surely going to be savoured in our future life."

------- Chris Hu (CEIBS MBA 2010)
 Exchange Student at London Business School in Fall 2011

"The exchange programme is an excellent experience not only to further broaden my academic knowledge in top-ranked school, but also to expose myself to a different cultural environment, to confront challenges outside of familiar support and my "comfort zone", and in turn strengthen my independent, decisive, and persistent characteristics which are all essential for my career and life."

---------Cammy Xu (CEIBS MBA 2010)
Exchange Student at London Business School in Fall 2011

"The exchange programme offered by CEIBS will rank as a highlight among all of my academic experiences.  What a wonderful opportunity it was to attend another top international business school in order to see the different approaches to MBA learning – both to observe best practices and also to realise in which areas your own school excels.  Not only is it a great chance to sample different academic structures, styles of teaching and classroom dynamics, but it is also a phenomenal way to expand your network in a new social scene.  The exchange semester tends to be a bit slightly more relaxed than the initial semesters of the MBA, so you are afforded more time to socialise, make friends, travel and experience the new culture.  I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to diversify their MBA experience."

-------- Eric Seidner (CEIBS MBA 2010)
Exchange Student at IESE Business School in Fall 2011

"The exchange experience was fantastic. Academically, I learned some knowledge from a new perspective. Culturally, I became more aware of the difference among people from different countries. The exchange period also allowed me to think individually and thoroughly about my life and future."

--------- Andre Yao (CEIBS MBA 2010)
Exchange Student at SDA Bocconi in Fall 2011

"Going to a new school and having the opportunity to meet students from business schools all over the world was truly rewarding; it renewed my willingness to be a global leader with deep knowledge of the Chinese business reality. For those who have the opportunity, the exchange programme is great way to complement the education at CEIBS."

 --------Dario Luis (CEIBS MBA 2010)
Exchange Student at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in Fall 2011

"Experienced the best and most popular courses at Wharton;
Made true friends during the exchange;
Accumulated more business exposure;
Travelled around to experience US culture;
Built more confidence for the future."

-------- Jialu ZHOU (CEIBS MBA 2009)
Exchange Student at The Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania in Fall 2010

"I've never regretted my decision to go to NYU – I really enjoyed the experience. Stern is an excellent school (especially, but not only in finance) and enjoys a high reputation among employers. Studying at a U.S. school is also an important experience, you'll learn about the professors' world views (we even talked a few times about🔸快乐10分玩法说明) and can interact with American students (they are more active/aggressive). Of course, 4 months in New York City is also a great experience."

---------- Michael Herrmann (CEIBS MBA 2009)
Exchange Student at Stern School of Business, New York University in Fall 2010

"Although I had worked in a U.S. firm for 4 years, studying and living in the U.S. for 4 months was a brand new experience. Through this period, I have a better understanding of American culture, international business norms, which will be very helpful to my future career. Also, I got a chance to attend the class by world-class professors, meeting some of the greatest minds in the world. In addition, I got to meet a lot of new friends outside of🔸快乐10分玩法说明, and expand my network further internationally."

----------- Kevin Chen (CEIBS MBA 2009)
Exchange Student at UCLA Anderson School of Management in Fall 2010

"Kellogg is a great school for my exchange. The courses, especially the marketing courses, offered there are very inspiring. The events are very well organised and you sometimes have to make choices between conflicting good events. The students there are very nice to exchange students but sometimes it's quite hard to form a group. In addition, Chicago is a great City and Kellogg is located in a very safe and good town compared with Chicago Booth."

----------- Alex Zhu (CEIBS MBA 2009)
Exchange Student at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University in Fall 2010

"The 4-month exchange experience at IESE is quite meaningful for me. I really appreciate the knowledge that I learnt from the professors and my peers there. More important, it gave me a platform that I can use to interact with people from different cultures, with different perspectives. We discuss, debate and even argue but finally we get to know each other really well. I like the course design in IESE very much, not only for the hard skills, but also for the soft skill. It offers me a chance to reflect deeply about myself and find the things I truly want in my career and life."

------------- Stephanie XU (CEIBS MBA 2009)
Exchange Student at IESE Business School in Fall 2010

"Different life experience, study experience, travel experience make me more open minded! It definitely doubled the value of my MBA study!"

---------- Jackie Hu (CEIBS MBA 2009)
Exchange Student at Duke University in Fall 2010

"Having an exchange at Cornell is definitely one of my best decisions in life. The exchange study there offered not only practical knowledge in business, but also flexibilities and possibilities to take almost any other university course there, and the instructions were also done in a very inspirational way. Probably because this is an Ivy School that heavily stresses humanity in education, but anyway the result is that the experience there was just terrific and very meaningful."

---------- Dora Zhou (CEIBS MBA 2009)
Exchange Student at Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University in Fall 2010

"You can feel the hospitality of the school from the first time you enter. The exchange programme managers are very helpful and they can help with even the smallest detail. The students there are quite friendly and will offer you help even if you don't ask for it. On the other hand, the professors didn't treat exchange students differently. Neither did the career services department. You can get equal opportunities that the host school's students have. The real estate community there is very strong and willing to help."

---------- Max Tang (CEIBS MBA 2009)
Exchange Student at Kenan-Flagler, University of North Carolina in Fall 2010

"Very meaningful and enjoyable experience. The learning during exchange has exceeded my expectations. Darden offers wonderful, insightful and inspiring electives. The scope and depth of the courses that Darden could offer has very much strengthened my previous CEIBS learning in many aspects. The exchange itself is more like a venture and entrepreneurial process. It helped me to learn a lot about how to manage, expand and utilise the limited resources I could get in living and studying in a totally unfamiliar environment. The American culture and its business traditions helped me to get a much better understanding of the meaning of globalisation, localisation as well as diversification."

--------- Rain FENG (CEIBS MBA 2009)
Exchange Student at Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia in Fall 2010

"The exchange experience should be called essential Europe MBA experience. Three or four months are worthwhile. I extended my network in Spain and even South American, because there were many students from Spanish language countries. There were many guest speakers in each class, so I gained more practical experience from them.  In many classes, we discussed🔸快乐10分玩法说明, so you have the experience of learning what Europeans think about🔸快乐10分玩法说明.  If you travel during the holidays, you will experience the different cultures in Europe, the local people's life and the difference between🔸快乐10分玩法说明 and these countries."

---------- Cai Xiaolan (CEIBS MBA 2009)
Exchange Student at ESADE Business School in Fall 2010

"Going on exchange at LBS has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my MBA, not only because I am interested in working in Europe but also for the diversity of the student body, the quality of the faculty and the immense network that the school has which is available to all exchange students. "

---------- Isard Serra Balague (CEIBS MBA 2007)
Exchange Student at London Business School in Fall 2008

"The exchange at IESE is an unforgettable experience for me. Professors were very good at delivering knowledge and engaging students in class participation. Students were from very diverse backgrounds and brought variety of knowledge/experience. Besides, I had a chance to better understand European culture and history. It enriched my experience and allows me to work better with people from different backgrounds."

---------- Xiao, Ying (CEIBS MBA 2007)
Exchange Student at IESE Business School in Fall 2008

"The exchange experience at NYU was very nice. It is a very good choice especially for those who have a strong interest in finance. New York is a great city where one could appreciate diversity, internationalism and efficiency."

---------- Wu, De An (CEIBS MBA 2007)
Exchange Student at Stern School of Business, New York University in Fall 2008

"I consider my experience at Fletcher as one of the most valuable of my MBA and would strongly recommend this school for any students interested in international business. Fletcher is not an MBA school but you can still do a lot of subjects related to business. Besides, you can enjoy the wonderful academic environment of Cambridge. It is an extraordinary exchange opportunity."

---------- Maria Isabel Aranda Luna (CEIBS MBA 2007)
Exchange Student at the Fletcher School, Tufts University in Fall 2008

"I enjoyed the differences in American culture, enjoyed traveling in U.S. from east to west, enjoyed courses at UNC. Most importantly, I got to make many friends from all over the world. We shared amazing time partying, at gatherings and even an American football game."

---------- Zhen, Zhicheng (CEIBS MBA2007)
Exchange Student at Kenan-Flagler Business School,  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Fall 2008

"The exchange experience was very valuable to me and I would recommend ISB again. Academic requirements are high and students at ISB are extremely warm and welcoming."

---------- Katja Linnemann (CEIBS MBA 2007)
Exchange Student at Indian School of Business in Fall 2008

"The exchange at Anderson UCLA is a valuable experience to me. Through it, I got to know what studying and life in a typical U.S. business school was like. Also I had the chance to meet business elites from 极速快乐十分20选8开奖结果🔸The top U.S. companies and work with the most intelligent students in the states and other countries. Moreover, I took this opportunity to experience and learn about the economy, the society, the culture and the people in the U.S. All of this broadened my view to a higher international level."

---------- Wang, Yinan (CEIBS MBA2006)
Exchange Student at Anderson School of Management,  University of California at Los Angeles in Fall 2007

"Thanks CEIBS for giving me an opportunity to go on exchange at Darden. The classes at Darden are different from most business schools. Darden study engaged in 100% case method, one case per class, and the case discussions were always impressive. During the exchange, I had opportunities to contact many famous companies, such as investment banks and consulting firms, alumni experience sharing. The admission office, CDC, faculty and students there were very friendly with exchange students and willing to provide help. In short, the experience at Darden was memorable and the environment was beautiful."

---------- Yu, Jietao (CEIBS MBA 2006)
Exchange Student at Darden Graduate School of Business Administration,  University of Virginia in Fall 2007

"Thanks to CEIBS for arranging the exchange programme, a tremendous life time experience from both an academic and cultural perspective. I learned a lot and changed a lot, and I think I made the right decision to participate in this programme."

---------- Zhu, Jianzhi (CEIBS MBA2006)
Exchange Student at Copenhagen Business School in Fall 2007