CEIBS Alumni Association Council

The 5th Council of CEIBS Alumni Association (CAA) was established on April 8, 2023. According to the Articles of Association of CEIBS Alumni Association, a formal election was held at the 2023 CEIBS Alumni Congress & 5th Council Election, where the alumni representatives elected the members of the 5th Council and the Supervisory Board of the CAA by online secret ballot. The 5th Council consists of 79 members. The President is Li Wen (EMBA2010SH2) and the Secretary-General is Qin Yi (EMBA2013SH6). The 5th Board of Supervisors consists of five supervisors. The Chairman is Hobbs Liu.

Leadership of the 5th Council

President: Li Wen
Chairman of the Board of Supervisors: Hobbs Liu

Vice Presidents: Tanya Fu, Chen Zhihai, Zou Zhiwen, Xia Guoxin, Pan Longquan, Shang Yu
Secretary-General: Qin Yi  
Joint Secretary-General: Helena Ren
Rotating Executive Secretary-General: Xia Jianpei, Chang Junfeng, Zhang Jijun

Director of the Development Promotion Committee: Pan Longquan
Co-Directors: Sui Guodong, Chen Xiongzhi, Chen Cheng

Director of the Organization Building Committee: Zhou Haibin
Co-Directors: Ren Hong, Gao Menzhong, Wu Zhuping

Director of the Social Responsibility Committee: Qin Yi   
Co-Directors: Zhong Jin, Pang Yong   

Director of the Alumni Service Committee: Wang Hongjie
Co-Directors: Deng Sanhong, Zhou Xiaoling

Presidents Emeritus
Li Mingjun, Zhu Xiaoming

Honorary Presidents
Wang Hong, Dominique Turpin, Tian Ming, Zhao Lijun

Du Haibo, Jiao Sheng, Hobbs Liu, Wei Feiyan, Yao Weiguo

Director of the Advisory Committee: Xie Ming
Members: Tian Ming, Zhao Lijun, Zhang Hong, Chi Hong, Xiong Fan, Zhang Feng, Yvonne Li, Helen Xu, Michelle Zhu, Wang Yajin, Shan Hongyu

The CAA has four functional committees, namely the Development Promotion Committee, the Organization Building Committee, the Social Responsibility Committee, and the Alumni Service Committee. As the permanent office of the CAA, the Secretariat is responsible for supporting the four functional committees, whose responsibilities are as follows:

Development Promotion Committee
The mission of the Development Promotion Committee is to continually expand the impact and sustainability of CAA. The Committee is responsible for helping the School and alumni industry associations achieve visibility and high standing in key national industries; strengthening professional associations and regional associations, connecting them to the School, and working with high quality alumni industry associations to initiate a series of high-impact, national professional industry forums; and carefully designing and implementing a sponsorship system to continuously enhance the brand value and sustainability of CAA.

Organization Building Committee
The Committee is responsible for designing the organizational structure and operational mechanism of the CAA; building, empowering and managing regional alumni organizations; selecting, training and managing the leadership team of regional alumni organizations; enhancing the cohesion and brand value of alumni organizations; and supporting and supervising the establishment and leadership election of new alumni organizations, optimizing the working procedures and promoting the development of CEIBS alumni organizations.

Social Responsibility Committee
The new Social Responsibility Committee is committed to expanding the depth of “CEIBS ESG” and the breadth of “CEIBS Public Welfare” to spread CSR concepts and innovative CSR practices throughout🔸快乐10分玩法说明. In terms of ESG, the Committee works with CEIBS to organize the signature event “CEIBS ESG Annual Forum & CSR Annual Meeting” and publish the ESG White Paper every year to promote ESG-related research and alumni companies’ ESG practices. In terms of public welfare, the Committee organizes major events such as "CEIBS Public Welfare Annual Meeting" and "CEIBS Alumni Public Welfare Award Ceremony" to expand the brand influence of CEIBS Public Welfare. In addition, the Committee organizes the "CEIBS Public Welfare Training Camp" to train public welfare professionals and partners with the CEIBS Alumni Charity Union to accelerate the development of "CEIBS Public Welfare”.

Alumni Service Committee
The Alumni Service Committee is committed to “promoting the development of the School” and “supporting alumni organizations” in cooperation with other functional committees and the CAA Secretariat. Guided by the principle of "filling the gaps with complementary services", the Committee will march toward its goal of "providing digital alumni services, giving back to CEIBS on a regular basis, organizing platform-based alumni events, and continuously promoting the growth of alumni" by supporting the School based on its needs and improving the daily operations of alumni organizations.

As the permanent office of the CAA, the Secretariat is responsible for facilitating the execution of tasks and liaising with internal and external stakeholders. Its main functions include supporting the Board of Directors and the four functional committees; communicating with the School; handling routine CAA business and planning specific tasks; preparing for meetings and events; implementing projects; and serving alumni and alumni organizations.