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The Career Development Centre (CDC) is dedicated to meeting the career needs of our MBA graduates while working closely with companies to meet their staffing needs. Recruiters and companies can also increase brand awareness among our student body.

Recruitment @ CEIBS🔸快乐十分开奖

CEIBS Executive Forum
CEIBS Executive Forum is the most influential forum where business leaders and senior government officials from all over the world are invited to give speeches on hot topics. Audience members will be CEIBS MBA, EMBA students and alumni, and Executive Education programme participants. The activity will provide excellent exposure, within the CEIBS community, for participating companies.

Campus Recruitment 
Campus presentations are one of the most effective ways for companies to create awareness among students and attract candidates.

Job Posting
Recruiters may post openings on the CDC intranet, which may be accessed by all graduating students.

Recruitment Fair
Based on recruitment needs, the CDC may also host fairs in Shanghai, Beijing or Shenzhen. Companies in the host city or surrounding area can meet with students who are willing to develop careers in that geographic area.

Summer Internship Programme 
MBA students look for an internship that will add depth to their resumes through hands-on experience and substantial contact with decision makers. Along with expanding their functional skills, many students are looking to use the internship as a way to build industry knowledge. Internships might involve preparing marketing plans, market valuation analysis, financial analysis/forecasting, process/systems improvement or projects co-created by you and the MBA intern(s).

The workshop programme is designed to enhance corporate clients' image among students while enriching MBA participants' job market information and job searching skills. Workshop topics range from industry overview, function knowledge to résumé writing and interview skills.

Company Visit 
Company visits are the best way for recruiters to present themselves and attract qualified candidates. Students will have a better understanding of the company's corporate culture and operations. Company visits may be arranged at any time during the year.

Mock Interview/Role Play 
Mock interviews and role play allow students to practice and improve their interview skills. At the same time, mock interviewers can take this opportunity to observe and identify qualified candidates.

If you want to deliver workshops, host company visits or conduct mock interviews, please contact your CDC consultant at CEIBS CDC:
Tel:  +86-21-2890 5142 

The CEIBS MBA is a 16-month programme. Our MBA Class of 2024 started in October 2022 and ends in April 2024. 120 students from this class will be available for full-time internships for 11 weeks between June 19 and September 1, 2023. It is also possible for students to start before, or continue after, the official summer internship period, based on the mutual agreement of both parties. Planning ahead for the summer internship programme will lead to successful talent hiring.

Typical MBA Internship Programme

MBA students mainly target internship programmes that give them hands-on experience and exposure to decision makers. Along with enriching their professional expertise, many students intend to build industry insights through the programme.

Internships might cover strategic planning, investment analysis, financial analysis/forecast, marketing planning, business/process re-engineering or projects co-initiated by the company and the MBA intern(s).

Value of the Internship Programme to Your Organization

  • Immediate and productive contributions to your organization: CEIBS MBA students possess advanced business knowledge, solid hard and soft skills, maturity and problem-solving capabilities to work on a variety of duties, responsibilities and/or special projects. They often bring unique and fresh perspectives to organizations.
  • Short-term and cost-effective talent: Hiring a CEIBS MBA student to work on special projects is significantly less expensive compared to hiring an external consultant with a comparable level of knowledge and skills.
  • Effective approach to prospective full-time hirings: Organizations can take the internship as a probationary period to evaluate whether they will offer the MBA intern a full-time position upon completion of the internship.

How to Implement the Internship Programme

Intern Selection:

  • Job Postings: Please reach out to one of our CDC consultants, who will review and release the internship position(s) via our career portal. For new recruiting companies, please complete and send the Job Posting Request Form (or your JD) to
  • Company Presentation: Company presentations or information sessions can be arranged on CEIBS Shanghai Campus. These give organizations a dedicated platform that increases the chances to attract and engage the most qualified students.
  • Mini Bio:
    • You may also contact us for hard copies or e-version of the MBA Class of 2024 Mini Bio book.
  • Interview:
    • Employers have the discretion to conduct interviews and shortlist candidates.
    • Interviews can be held on campus, at your office, or virtually.

Recruitment Timetable:

June 12, 2023 and before Companies submit the Job Posting Request Form (or your JD) to CDC. Download the form here.
Company presentations and interviews
June 19, 2023 Deadline for companies to communicate hiring decision with CDC
June 19-September 1, 2023 Official full-time internship period
September 4-29, 2023 Companies fill out the online MBA 2024 Employer Evaluation of Internship. Access it here.

Salary and Allowances

  • CEIBS MBA interns are typically compensated in form of a daily salary, travel and/or meal allowances. The negotiation is between the student and the recruiting company.
  • Based on our 2022 Summer Internship Survey, the mid 60% range of salary/allowance was 200-600 RMB per day (4,350-13,050 RMB per month).

Responsibilities as Intern Recruiters
In addition to supervising the interns:

  • Recruiters need to finalize the intern offers with the selected candidate(s) by June 19, 2023.
  • We recommend that students be given sufficient time to respond to an offer. Please inform CDC of your hiring decision by June 19, 2023.
  • Hiring managers need to fill out the online MBA 2024 Employer Evaluation of Internship to evaluate the intern’s performance by September 29, 2023.
  • For hiring of international students for internships in Mainland🔸快乐10分玩法说明, please allow students ample time for intern visa applications and approval by the Shanghai Entry and Exit Administration Bureau.
  • For overseas internships, please allow students ample time for visa and work permit applications and processing.

Contact: Please contact your assigned CDC consultant with any questions. For new recruiters, please contact Ms. Lillian Lan at 86-21-2890 5142 or by e-mail at

Partial recruiters’ list in past two years (Internship & full time)

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Thank you for choosing CEIBS as your source for identifying qualified and talented candidates to meet your business needs.
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