The CEIBS Africa project was launched in 2008 with a mission to prepare highly competent innovation oriented managers and executives who are capable of leading and growing their organisations in the increasingly dynamic African economic environment. These are leaders who are capable of negotiating the forces of globalisation and international competition for the benefit of their organisations.

Convinced of our ability to replicate, in Africa, the contributions CEIBS has made to the Chinese economy through providing access to world class management education to the country, CEIBS has a renewed focus on corporate social responsibility in Africa. From our facilities in Accra, and other locations across the continent, we will periodically provide week-long fully funded business management classes for African government officials and business executives.

Emphasis will also be placed on Company Specific Programmes (CSPs) and a number of open enrolment programmes to help company scale up operations and apply best practices in their businesses.

The Global executive MBA will have modules in the facility in Africa, thereby bringing together executives from Europe, Asia and Africa to facilitate exchange of knowledge and experience between the continents. 

Programmes in 2023!

CEIBS Global EMBA – Commences November, 2023
AMP Programme, Accra, Lagos & Shanghai – Commences April, 2023
ODP Programme, Accra, Lagos & Shanghai –  Commences April, 2023
WELA Programme, Accra – Commences April, 2023
WELA Programme, Lagos – Commences March, 2023
WELA Programme, Johannesburg – Commences March, 2023

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    The CEIBS Global Executive MBA provides executives, entrepreneurs and business leaders with an opportunity to shift personal paradigms, scale-up professional management skills and personal confidence as well as to build influential networks.

    Mathew Tsamenyi
    Executive Director, CEIBS, Africa