Alumni Lifelong Learning

To build companies that can survive and thrive in a fast and ever changing business world, business elites must keep learning and stay relevant with the times throughout their lives. Research findings shared by CEIBS professors are highly recognised by all the alumni, who value each opportunity to go back to class and recharge themselves. CEIBS lifelong learning platform enables professors and alumni to inspire and learn from each other as they marry theory with practice.

As a leading business school in Asia, CEIBS is committed to providing alumni with rich resources for continuous learning:

  • Industry exchange platforms keep alumni abreast with the latest industry dynamics and cooperation opportunities, and boost their career development;
  • Arts and humanities programmes help enrich alumni’s inner life and broaden their perspective;
  • Alumni reunions offer a wide range of well-designed learning courses;
  • Learning and exchange events held in Asia, Europe and America that facilitate interaction and cooperation between alumni and local business elites are highly welcomed by overseas alumni;
  • Executive education programmes that are constantly updated provide opportunities of continuous learning for alumni and executives from alumni companies.