Alumni Career Support

In order to help alumni to make greater impact throughout their careers, CEIBS Career Development Centre (CDC) now provides career development support for MBA alumni up to five years after graduation, and will continue to build new platforms for the wider alumni community.

Career support for alumni consists of  four sections:


Contact the CDC via 021-28905270 or

The CDC regularly organises a variety of forums and workshops, inviting company executives and senior consultants to give keynote speeches or join panel discussions on a variety of industry topics. Each event is designed to equip alumni with a vision for long-term career development and planning.

Recent Events

The CDC makes full use of both internal and external resources to provide one-on-one counselling sessions to our alumni to support their career development.

  • Career Mentoring Programme

    The CDC invites a number of experts, mainly business executives, HR directors and professional consultants from finance, investment, consumer goods, consulting and technology industries to provide one-on-one counselling for alumni on a regularly basis.
    Click here to see alumni career mentors.

  • Career Coaching Programme

    The CDC will provide access to a number of pre-screened professional coaches who are happy to provide pro-bono coaching sessions to alumni on a regular basis. All of these coaches had rich business experience before switching to coaching. 
    Click here to see alumni career coaches.

  • Visiting Leader Executive Coaching Programme

    The programme offers alumni an opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching from top-level executives in areas vital to alumni's career development and long-term success. 
    Click here to see visiting leader executive coaches.

The CEIBS Alumni app is an exclusive job opportunities and career related information sharing platform for CEIBS alumni. If your company has recruitment needs at home or abroad, whether you are targeting young professionals or senior executives, you are welcome to hire via the CEIBS Career Development Centre (CDC). Click here or scan the QR code to download the CEIBS Alumni app. 


The CDC can also reserve seats for alumni wishing to participate in regular MBA initiatives, including:

  • Career Treks

    The CDC regularly hosts career-related trips to Asia, Europe, and North America, providing students and alumni with valuable opportunities to learn beyond classroom, to understand industries, companies, and cultures, as well as to explore potential career opportunities. Previous trek destinations have included Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Bangalore, Singapore, Paris, and Seattle.

  • Company Visits

    The CDC regularly organises company visits, offering students and alumni an in-depth understanding of business in various industries, as well as the opportunity to network with executives.