Established in 2015, CEIBS eLab aims to build an ecosystem to empower CEIBS entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to make their startups and innovative projects move forwards.

We actively encourage students and alumni to fully experience this entrepreneurial ecosystem through a series of events and how-to workshops led by seasoned practitioners.

To serve entrepreneurs in action, CEIBS eLab also provides numerous services to guide founders through some of the pitfalls of startup development, such as:

  • CEIBS alumni mentorship
  • Angel customer matching
  • Business facilitation
  • Company registration and governmental incentive support
  • Pitch preparation and coaching
  • Startup initiation
  • Company management backed by rich academic and business resources belonging to the eLab community

At present, CEIBS eLab has delivered 100+ events, supported 150+ projects from MBA/EMBA/EE alumni and has built up an active community of 1,000+ entrepreneurs, investors and partners both in🔸快乐10分玩法说明 and throughout the global entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Sept. 2022
Advanced Digital Technology at Manheng VR
More than 40 MBA students and eLab mentors visited virtual reality pioneers
Manheng VR to witness technology driving innovation in action. The company
shared and demonstrated their revolutionary 7D AR/VR technology.
Feb, 2022
Immersive Leadership Demo
We hosted an immersive education startup currently being incubated by CEIBS
eLab. The team includes both EMBA and MBA students as well as talents from the
Shanghai Theatre Academy. In this event, as part of the eLab mentoring
programme, the team shared insights on harnessing immersive leadership together
with CEIBS Visiting Professor Shihao LV.
Feb, 2022
Financial Service SaaS Enterprise at Cloudpense
To understanding the promising trends of the Software as a service (SaaS)
industry, we have visited Cloudpense, a leading Financial Service SaaS company.
The founder Yang Yu (CEIBS EMBA2021), shared his insights MBA, FMBA and
EE alumni.
Dec, 2021
Startup Equity & Investment
ICY is a global designer ecosystem integrating supply chain, channels, branding
and marketing. To date, ICY has raised 70M investment from FOSUN and 36 Kr.
During this sharing, their founder Icy Gu together with many experts, shared their
startup experience with a particular emphasis on equity and investment.
Dec, 2021
Human Resources Management in Startups
To help students better understand human capital challenges faced by startups, we
collaborated with Lohas, founded by Leo Tao (CEIBS EMBA10) and Jiading
Alumni. Leo, whose company focuses on OR training and consulting, shared best
practice on employee and stakeholder engagement. Also, the former Jiading
Alumni General Secretary Xiaorong Yang (CEIBS EMBA12) invited students to
experience an immersive live action role playing game in Jiading MEGA to
showcase how to increase buy-in from all stakeholders.
Nov, 2021
Agricultural Technology Application at Chongming Vert Organic
Due to the increased awareness and importance given to public health,🔸快乐10分玩法说明's
agricultural industry, especially high-end production, has seen rapid growth.
Together with eLab's strategic partner Lohas, we visited Vert Organic in
Chongming island – one of the leading enterprises in this area.
June, 2022
Finance Startup Forum at FinVolution
FinVolution, founded by four CEIBS alumni including Tiezheng Li (CEIBS FMBA14),
is very representative of many Chinese enterprises in the FinTech industry. Listed
in the US. FinVolution has been expanding rapidly in both countries, despite heavy
regulations in the industry.
March, 2022
eLab Pitch Event x Win the Future
We partnered with Win the Future, a well-known startup competition hosted by
Suzhou TV,  to offer pitching opportunities to several MBA entrepreneurs who
shared their innovative ideas and business plans. The audience hit 70k+ online
and offline.
Mar 8, 2018
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March 3, 2016
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