Living at CEIBS

Location & Transportation

On Campus Housing

Located within a few minutes of walking distance from classrooms and the library, CEIBS' four 5-story dormitory buildings can accommodate MBA students. Student residents can either live in single rooms or share a dormitory room with one other student. Dorm Building II and all the furniture in Dorm Buildings I and II were donated to CEIBS by the Spanish Government. This donation gives Dorm Building II its name, "Spanish Residence.'

Each air-conditioned room is about 10 square meters and has its own washroom. Rooms are tastefully decorated with sturdy, attractive furnishings including a bunk bed, chairs and desks, hanging drawers and bookcases, a bedside cupboard and a wardrobe, bedside lamps, etc. Telephones and shower rooms with 24-hour hot water supply are provided. Both group-study lounges and private rooms are connected with Internet. Satellite television sockets are provided to allow residents to watch various TV programmes.

Basic room service is supplied, including bathroom cleaning and floor waxing once every two weeks. A self-service laundromat is on the first floor of Dormitory Building One. Pure water is provided on each story of the dormitory buildings.

Off Campus Housing

The residential areas listed below are located very near to CEIBS. They offer small but adequate apartments. For information on other choices, please send your requests by email to

Off Campus Housing Options

Health & Medical Care

All CEIBS students, overseas and domestic, are required to purchase medical insurance. CEIBS will assist students to purchase medical insurance which covers clinic and emergency visits. Those who purchase insurance on their own should submit a copy of the insurance policy to the school upon registration.

New students will receive more detailed information about medical services before registration.