International Fellowship Programme

The🔸快乐10分玩法说明 Europe International Business School (CEIBS) is seeking to invite 5 to 8 visiting PhD students each year as International Research Fellows to undertake a short period of research.


  1. The applicants must from schools listed in the UTD Top 100 Worldwide Business Schools Rankings;
  2. The applicants must have completed all non-dissertation related course work and should not be on the job market during the visit;
  3. The applicants must have a sponsor on CEIBS faculty and submit a proposal, preferably related to a CEIBS faculty member’s research;
  4. The term for the fellowship should generally be 6 months, renewable for another 6 months based on the recommendation of the sponsoring faculty member by the end of the third month and the mutual agreement.

Application and Selection

  1. The applicants submit proposals and up-to-date CVs to CEIBS faculty member who they would like to work with by May 31;
  2. The faculty members that the applicants would like to work with decide whether to endorse the proposals and make a recommendation to the Academic Staff Evaluation Committee by June 10.
  3. The CEIBS Academic Staff Evaluation Committee evaluates endorsed proposals and makes recommendations to the Deans;
  4. The Deans make the final decision based on the recommendation of the CEIBS Academic Staff Evaluation Committee;
  5. The School announces the decision in late June and signs the agreement with the visiting PhD students.

Resources Provided

  1. Round-trip, economy-class air tickets;
  2. Office space and lodging at CEIBS campus or pre-tax housing allowance equal to lodging cost at CEIBS Shanghai campus;
  3. Meal allowance of RMB2,000 per month and health insurance during the period of stay at CEIBS campus;
  4. Research grants out of mentoring faculty members’ research budget for research related activities;
  5. Access to CEIBS databases with the understanding that access to proprietary databases is limited to projects coauthored with CEIBS faculty;
  6. Access to CEIBS network of firms but only through a CEIBS faculty member;
  7. Mentoring support from CEIBS faculty member sponsor;
  8. Administrative assistance related with visa/entry permit, etc.


  1. At the end of the fellowship, the visiting PhD students must submit a progress report to the sponsoring faculty member and the Academic Staff Evaluation Committee;
  2. The visiting PhD students are expected to acknowledge the International Fellowship Program when they publish their related research output.