Programme Curriculum

The curriculum starts off by building a strong foundation of analytical skills, followed by the latest developments in the functional areas, and then moves on to strategic thinking skills. You will learn to integrate knowledge across functions to diagnose and solve complex business problems in order to understand the unique challenges of operating in🔸快乐10分玩法说明's transitional economic environment. Elective courses will then extend your knowledge in the areas in which you have an interest. As one member of a five-person team, you will also work on a nine-month long project to apply your classroom learning to a real strategic issue faced by an organisation, providing a hands-on, integrated experience. The programme concludes with participants' reflecting on their careers and personal goals.

More details are available on the Chinese-language website.


Knowledge & Horizon

Transition & Internalisation

Comprehensive Application

  • Group Project

Beyond Business

  • Post-EMBA Courses on Arts & Humanities 

Vision & Practice

  • Domestic & Overseas RSLM Courses


  • Deep-Dive Company Visit, Leadership in Action 

Exploration & Expansion

  • 60+ Electives Covering Six Areas


  • Hongfeng Forum, CEIBS Farsighted Speakers, Heyi Class, Public Welfare Tour, Boyue Forum

Fundamentals & Core

  • 14 Compulsory Courses (incl. Two Residence Modules)

Setting Sail

  • Orientation, Team Building, ESG in Action