Studying Abroad


1. How many partner schools does CEIBS have for its MBA exchange programme?

CEIBS has bilateral exchange agreements with around 35 top tier business schools, most of which are among the global top 50 list of the 2023年快乐十分开奖结果🔸Financial Times. In 2023, the 2023年快乐十分开奖结果🔸Financial Times ranked CEIBS MBA programme #20 globally.

2. How many slots are available for exchange programme in 2019?

Based upon the exchange agreements with CEIBS partner schools, there are nearly 130+ slots available in 2019. More than half of MBA2019 students have a chance to take advantage of the exchange programme to enhance their international experience.

3. When does the exchange programme happen?

The normal exchange season is in the fall term of the second year of the MBA programme, usually from September to December. 

4. What are the eligibility and selection criteria of applicants for the Exchange Programme?

The eligibility and selection criteria for the exchange programme are based upon a number of factors that are regularly reviewed and updated. The selection criterion in 2018 is based on students’ academic performance at CEIBS (i.e. GPA), transformational experience, career management skills, leadership and professionalism demonstrated at CEIBS.

5. What is the procedure exchange programme application?

• Exchange slots will be released between January to February. 
• Application, evaluation and decisions will be made between February to March.
• Nominations to partner schools in April.
• After nominations by CEIBS MBA office, you will receive (in April to May) detailed instructions from the host school regarding the rest of the process (visa application, course selection, accommodation, insurance, etc.).
• Get prepared for visa application and schedule visa interview in July ~ August. 
• Book flight ticket and get ready to take off!

6.  Will my host school apply for my visa?

No. CEIBS students need to apply for the visa by themselves. The host schools will provide the necessary documents. 

7. Will the host school provide me with on-campus dormitory?

Some schools provide on-campus dormitory, and it depends on room availability. Some schools may recommend off-campus apartments. Please note that on-campus dormitory is not necessarily cheaper than off-campus apartments.

8. What should I do if I would like to continue using my CEIBS dormitory after returning?

Please contact the Student Service Centre (Ground Floor, Dorm 3) for check-in and check-out procedures. 

9. Can I leave my baggage for storage during my exchange period?

Yes. Please check with the Student Service Centre (Ground Floor, Dorm 3) for charges and details. Only students who originally live on campus can leave baggage for storage during exchange.

10. Should I send my application on-line or by courier service to the host schools?

Please follow the instructions of the host school. You may need to send in an on-line application at certain stages and courier/ express mail services are highly recommended if any hard copy is required. CEIBS reception desk has corporate partner prices for CEIBS students.
11. Who should I contact if I have questions regarding my visa application and overall exchange issues?

For Exchange Programme queries:

Outbound exchange: Inbound exchange: Visa Application:
Mitchel GAO
Academic Center I – Room 220
Tel: + 86 21 28905372
Janice XU
Academic Center I – Room 220
Tel: + 86 21 28905465
Mr. Romeo LUO
Foreign Affairs Officer
Faulty Building – Room 101
Tel: +86 21 28905219