BigTech, Gender, and Environmental Behavior

Using a representative sample of 200 thousand individual users from 332 cities in🔸快乐10分玩法说明 from a leading BigTech platform, we document a significant role that BigTech plays in facilitating and incentivizing individuals’ participation in environmentally friendly behaviors and highlight a gender difference in environmentalism. Specifically, over 86% of the sampled individuals participate in a digitalized green initiative launched by the BigTech platform that incentivizes individuals to opt for green behaviors in lifestyles in exchange for real tree planting and contribution to environmental conservation areas by the platform. We find a higher participation rate and more active participation in proenvironmental activities among women than men through the BigTech initiative. Moreover, women exhibit a stronger preference for greener funds in their financial investment made through the BigTech platform, although such a preference does not yield higher financial returns for them. Overall, our study provides support for the idea of utilizing digital technologies to combat climate change and enhancing women’s representation in environmental governance.
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