Tuesday, November 16, 2021

2021 CEIBS Faculty Awards

Each year, we recognize members of our faculty who have gone above and beyond in the areas of teaching, research and service to the broader CEIBS community. This year’s faculty award recipients are: 

2021 CEIBS Power of One Service Excellence Award for Faculty Members 

- Associate Professor of Strategy Zhang Yu 

- Honorary Professor in Accounting Hwang Yuh-Chang 

- Assistant Professor of Accounting Gianfranco Siciliano 

The CEIBS Power of One Service Excellence Award for Faculty Members recognises faculty members who have demonstrated outstanding service and/or have made significant contributions to the school community beyond what is normally expected of their positions. 

2021 Research Excellence Award 

- Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship Guo Wei 

- Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour Emily David 

- Associate Professor of Finance Huang Sheng 

The Research Excellence Award recognises faculty members for their continued commitment to research together with their outstanding and productive research outcomes.  

2021 Teaching Excellence Award 

- Professor of Economics and Decision Sciences Fang Yue 

- Associate Professor of Management Byron Lee 

- Professor of Marketing Zhou Dongsheng 

The Teaching Excellence Award recognises faculty who have brought continuous improvements and innovation to teaching, and who have contributed to faculty development through mentoring. 

Congratulations to our faculty and many thanks for their great contributions! Learn more about our faculty here.